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We welcome you to the heart of our estate for an unusual wine journey.

We offer you a unique tasting of the world of wine by discovering a complex sweet wine.

In a family setting, you will taste a wine that has been produced for several generations with the same passion.

From a vineyard that has acquired its letters of nobility over time and through meticulous work in the heart of our cellars, our Sauternes receives our full attention throughout its maturation.

You’ll discover wines of finesse, where each vintage opens up a world of flavours.

To enhance your knowledge, we’ve put together a captivating quiz that will take you to the heart of our vineyards.
Book your tasting now and let us take you on an unforgettable journey of taste.

Sauternes, Only Sauternes

01 « Yellow Gold Secret »

Visit and taste 3 vintages of Château Liot accompanied by homemade toast.

Come and discover the secrets of Sauternes winemaking, its history, development and ageing.

Visit the vat room and barrel cellar. During the tasting, you will discover 3 different vintages that will show you the evolution of a wine made with patience.

3 Worlds discovery

02 « Tricolour »

Immerse yourself in the world of wine and enjoy an unforgettable tasting experience on the 3-colour tasting tour at Château Liot.

From a tour of the vat room to the barrel cellar, this experience will show you how the three colours are made.
Finish on a high note with a tasting of our three wines, which will take you on a unique taste journey accompanied by homemade toast. Discover the Sauternes of Château Liot, and the white and red Graves of Château Saint Jean des Graves, and learn all the secrets of how they are made.

Welcome to Château Liot, where tasting is synonymous with pleasure and discovery.

Secret of a Wine and its Terroir

03 « All about Liot »

Discover the essence of the world of wine through our immersive tour and tasting of 3 exceptional vintages.

Journey to the heart of the creation of Sauternes wines during your visit to Château Liot, and explore the mysteries and secrets of winemaking. Finish your journey with a full tasting of our wines, where every sip will take you on an unforgettable tasting adventure.

Book now for this unique wine tourism experience at the heart of our estate and let yourself be enchanted by an extraordinary tasting experience. Welcome to our world, Welcome to Château Liot.

The pleasure of time passing

04 « Quiz at Château Liot »

Discover the vineyards in a fun and educational way with our exciting quiz for young and old. Follow four exciting stages through the vineyards where you’ll be challenged with interesting questions.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, continue your adventure by visiting our cellars and tasting one of our exceptional vintages.
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine and be surprised by a unique tasting experience. Welcome to Château Liot, where every visit is an unforgettable experience. Unique tasting.

Pro Offer

05 « Liot Wine Tours »

Enjoy a unique, private experience at the heart of a family estate with Marie-Amélie David. Our tastings are for everyone: wine lovers, wine connoisseurs and corporate wine seminars.
what they all have in common is a passion for wine and the terroir!
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Œnotourisme Sauternes Barsac

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